Da Vinci’s Pizza : Proudly Cebuano

logo davinci
Da Vinci’s pizza,known for its famous White Sauce Pizzas, Started here in Cebu.

Through the years they manage to serve the Cebuanos not only pizzas but also with chicken meals and other favorites. These meals are called “Gusto meals”. “Gusto” is a Filipino word which means – to want- . Gusto meals are specially crafted to make you “Gusto” for more!

Designed for people who are always on the go, Pan Gusto is a Filipino-palate inspired sandwich which contains Pinoy favorites: Corned beef, Ham, Bacon, Chorizo, and Longganisa and egg. Even you are not the on-the-go kind of person, you could still enjoy this meal as a snack or anything you want!

Having a hard time choosing which kind of pizza to get? Why get one pizza when you could have three different bite-size pizzas in a single meal order! Pizza Piccolo is the answer! Now you don’t have to worry on missing one or all your favorites.

Da Vinci’s Pizza is now offering a delivery promo where you can order 2 pizzas for a lesser price! For more information about delivery and promos, check out their website http://davincispizza.com.ph/


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