Vispop Music Festival : Tingog Bisdak!

This generation has been flooded with those “kpop” or “koreanPOP” with words we really don’t understand at first. Don’t get me wrong, not against that genre. Glady, a group of talented people pushed the idea of promoting songs written in “bisaya”. Through their undying efforts VISPOP was born.

Vispop or Visayan Pop, started around 2013. “Balayang ni Mayang”– Martina San Diego & Kyle Wong, “Papictura ko nimu,Gwapo”– Marie Maureen Salvaleon and “Duyog”-Jewel Villaflores are some of the songs that are very known today and are from the first Vispop.

You may think this is just purely competition but they aim not to compete but to promote the Bisaya language. Through the years Vispop has grown so big that it’s not only known in Cebu but also around the nation.

Like me, I bet most of you, readers out there, missed the chance to witness Vispop live! But don’t be sad because VISPOP MUSIC FESTIVAL is here! A reunion concert from the finalist and some of the songs from the three season’s of Vispop. Will be held at the University of the Philippines-Cebu this 13th of September. Tickets are sold at 300 each and can be purchased at Handuraw’s Pizza or at partner schools. For more details about the tickets and updates follow their Facebook page VISPOP. Gates open at 1pm, Concert starts at 5pm.Be there and wear the bisaya pride!


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