Top 5 toys that are rarely seen today

The Digital era has taken over the fun we had as kids with those new and techy gadgets.Kids today will not be surely knowledgeable about these games or will only know about them through paper and screens not from first hand experience.Anyways, here are the list of games that I rarely see being played by kids of today.

Chinese garter

– usually seen being played by the girls, the Chinese garter was their all-time school break favorite game!Chinese garter has 5 main levels starting at the ankle,knees,hips, chest and lastly the neck. You have to work your way up without tripping to win the game!


-designed to be used as a tying agent, the lastiko(rubber band) is also being played way back then. You may think these kids are insane with their fashion because of those crazy rubberband bangles, but don’t be fooled because those rubber bands are their winnings. So this means the more rubber bands you have the greater player you are! Mostly played with the game dampa
download (2)

Kasing (gyro top)

-made from wood and nail, the kasing is the original beyblades. The goal of it’s typical game is to destroy your enemy’s kasing by launching from the above causing the nail to Peirce through the wood! Kasing comes in different sizes and very colorful design.

Luthang (bamboo gun)

new luthang
– children ,back in the day, used to simulate gun battles by the use of luthang. Luthang is made from bamboos.Insert a bullet (seed or wet paper) at the end then poke the other end with a stick causing tremendous pressure inside which launches the bullet. You better watch out cause this toy really stings!


– I, myself, is an avid player of this game when I was a young. The goal is to flip the pogs placed at the center by throwing a single pog to it. The pogs that are flipped by your strike are now yours. Pogs used in striking are called “ayan” or “alas” (ace) this pog is carefully chosen by the player, it is sort of our lucky pog.

It is good to reminisce games we used to play for it brings relaxing and joyful memories. It is quite alarming that kids these days tend to play gadgets rather than going outside doing various fun activities. We all want the generation next to ours to have the fun we had.So why don’t we teach them the classics! It’s never to late!

Photos are grabed from the wires


13 thoughts on “Top 5 toys that are rarely seen today

  1. Reading this I’ve realized how much I have missed out a lot during my childhood </3 I've never really played Chinese Garter, Pogs, and Kasing played a little Dampa though but kawat-kawat lang kay masuko si mama. Haha! Puros lang ko audience if magduwa akong friends before </3

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  2. I am proud to say that I played all of them except the Luthang. I think Luthang is popular in the rural areas because I’ve not seen them sa city before or is just me? Grabe how times have changed. I’m glad I was part of that old generation kay those were the last generation who I believe played real social games not the kind of online games played now.

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  3. I’ve only played Chinese Garter ug Lastiko kay pang babay daw. Mostly mga boys man ang mag duwa ug Luthang, Kasing ug Pogs. Dili ko nila paapilon. So sad, hehe. But these games are way better than what the kids of today are playing. I still see kids playing these games but mostly those situated in mountain barangays.

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  4. I played it all except Pogs coz in my time, we had tansan for that hehehe. I also miss going to a luthang and tutho war. I was never good with kasing, but I am pretty decent with lastiko. I sometimes join Chinese garter just to cartwheel.

    Other games involved games using slippers.

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  5. I doubt if all of these are rarely seen. Like it is still visible here in Cebu everywhere. I have nephews who play POGS and Rubber bands everyday. I have these neighbor children who play Chinese garter. Luthang or bamboo gun is still visible as well. I am only agreeable about Kasing or Gyro Top which is really rare to see nowadays.

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  6. It’s so sad that children these days are not enjoying these games. 😦 These were what my childhood was really composed of, bahalag masuko na si mama ug papa! Haha. I miss those days and I really hope the younger generation would realize how much time they’re wasting just facing Facebook and reading nonsense and immature posts.


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