Courting Tips for Beginners

Having difficulties in courting? Here are some tips that might come in handy

Be friends with her – everything starts from being friends; I mean who in the right mind would say yes if she doesn’t know you. So stop stalking her and man up and talk to her!

Get to know her more – Knowing her more gives you the idea on how to make her like you. Give her hints that you like her but don’t admit! And remember just be YOURSELF. No one wants fake stuff, especially with attitudes.

Body language -the best way of telling the girl that you like her and again don’t admit! Make her wonder. The more she wonders the more she get’s the urge to know you more.

Text her, especially about funny things -Communicate with her about funny things or experiences. We all know girls do fall easily with funny guys but don’t exaggerate. Random but interesting topics would surely suffice. Always avoid dead air even when texting!


Ask her on a date -Well this is the critical stage! She might say no, but take the courage and ask her. Do it smoothly like it’s just a friendly date. It never hurts to try but It really hurts not to try!

Confess – Confessing about how you feel towards a girl is not easy, but if you really want her to be your girl then take this step! Nuff said.


COURT HER! –congratulations you’ve reach this far! The outcome of this depends on how smooth you followed all those steps. Courting isn’t a game. It is the time where you ask the girl if she feels the same way towards you. At this point the girl becomes very vulnerable as she opens up her thoughts to you. Don’t ever take this for granted because when a girl opens up to you it means that she trust you and is willing to take the risk of hurting herself in the process.


So guys remember to never play with a girl’s feelings. It’s a treasure they only share with a person they trust. And if you have doubts on this, try imagining your mom being played by your dad. Does it feel good? I bet not!

photos by Hoven Encontro


22 thoughts on “Courting Tips for Beginners

  1. I love the body language the most, I like being teased. Being friends at first also worked but for me it’s best if the friendship comes naturally, and not for the reason that the guy has a plan to court the girl later on. Dates like “just the two of us” usually don’t work. Group dates are the best pero dili like kana magpares-pares, a guy dating the girl and her friends are superb! For me lang, and mostly my girl friends appreciate guys who take an effort to know their friends as well 🙂

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  2. LOL to dead air while texting! I agree though.
    “So guys remember to never play with a girl’s feelings. ” – Thanks for pointing this out. Same goes to girls to never hurt any guy’s feelings. 😉

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  3. i believe that guys should simply be true to themselves. my boyfriend and i didn’t go through a courting period (kilig2, date2, etc) kay nikalit ra jud toh nga gi acknowledge namo nga kami na (or basin manhid lng kaayo ko haha.) it’s true though that you have to be friends with that special someone so you get to know each other. we were friends for like 3 years before we called it official.

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  4. This makes me kind of ponder upon why my most recent relationship that ended about 2 years ago (HAHAHA) didn’t work. Because we were never friends. We thought we clicked and then bam! Kami na after a few days nga sige siyag adto sa amo. Diretso lang courting stage. LOL. Technically, we lasted about a year though, but it was mostly buwag balik. Toxic relationship. I’m glad someone had the guts to blog about this! Haha

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  5. I agree with your tip about the body language. Girls have this tenacity to get bored if you give yourself away too much. There’s excitement in anything mysterious. Mao nga daghan ko’g girls ma.fall in love sa mga bad boys kay these guys know how to play the game. Sad but true.

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  6. If only you’d written this before my boyfriend courted me three years ago, it would have been loads easier for him! Hahaha. My boyfriend is so torpe that he can’t even determine what to do next when talking to me. Haaay those days. I still keep on laughing about it, but at least he has improved during the past few years of our relationship! 😀

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  7. through this process in courting, my ways of courting my desired girl was corrected. in get to know her more stage, that i admitted my great feelings for her which is a big mistake at this stage( get to know her more)

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