Dinner with the Osmeñas


Serving his fellow cebuanos is not his only passion. Tomas Osmeña has his heart in cooking too and it is also a kind therapy for him. Former mayor Tomas Osmeña invited us to have a dinner with his family but not only that, he cooked dinner for us to let us experience how well he can cook and indeed it was delicious! After we dine with them, we also had a chance to get to know his son Ramon Miguel Osmeña, who was also knowledgeable in politics but doesn’t want to be into politics.


Later that night Mrs. Margarita Osmeña came to join us. We also had a “chika” with her and she was so greceful in answering our every questions. I can clearly see her sweet smile and how happy her eyes were while she’s reminiscing those memories. She also showed us the picture of her greatgrandfather with the senators and pictures of her when she was still young. I can really say that she never look that old compared to her age. She also showed us her collection of smilling frogs and pigs that was plenty indeed!


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