Hot Wings in Cebu

Tired of buying spicy chicken and it’s not even spicy at all? Not to worry cause Gibb’s is here!
With their best selling dish, HOT WINGS. You may want to put fire department’s number on speed dial for your mouth is gonna be on fire because of Gibb’s radically awesome 5 levels of hotness! From level one the hot level (sigh) to level 5 the UBER HOOOOTTTTEST LEVELL! (capslock cause its really hot) your spicy cravings will be satisfied!


Tips on how to eat hot wings.

  • always, when I say always it really is an always, prepare a glass of cold water and a pitcher! You’ll need it trust me.
  • eat it with your bare hands! Nothing is more tasty and savory when using bare hands.
  • order extra rice! One cup wouldn’t suffice. You’ll need the extra rice to help you nutralize the hotness.


Address: Holy Family Village 2,Banilad
Opens : Monday-Saturday 11:00am-2:00pm

Address : Streetscape,Banilad, Cebu,City.
Opens : Monday-Sunday 11:00am-2:00pm , 5:30pm-11:00pm


18 thoughts on “Hot Wings in Cebu

  1. Super cold water or maybe I’ll prepare milk. LOL. It’s said to help reduce the stinging spiciness sensation. Weird though.


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